Bitcoin Price Soars: Rainbow Chart Predicts $245K by 2024

• Bitcoin has surged past the $30,000 mark, leading to optimism among investors.
• The Rainbow Chart helps us understand Bitcoin’s historical movements and potential future scenarios.
• Currently, BTC is trading around $30,019, experiencing a small dip of 0.19%.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024

Bitcoin has risen to new heights in 2021, reaching over $30,000 for the first time ever and sparking optimism among investors. To gain insight into what might lie ahead in 2024 and beyond, let’s examine the Bitcoin Rainbow Chart.

Rainbow Chart Explained

The Rainbow Chart is an interactive tool which helps us visualize Bitcoin’s historical movements as well as potential future scenarios. Created by BlockchainCenter, it divides the price range from $10 to $250K into five distinct phases: Accumulate ($10-$40K), Consolidate ($40-80K), Speculate ($80-160K), Mania ($160-250K) and Maximum Bubble Territory ($180-245K). As of June 2021, BTC is trading around the Accumulate range at around $30k.

Potential Scenarios for Jan 1st 2024

Looking ahead to January 1st 2024 on the Rainbow Chart reveals a range of possible outcomes for Bitcoin’s future price movement. If we’re lucky enough to experience a repeat of 2017’s surge we could see prices reach up to $245K – this would be represented by red on the chart in the ‚Maximum Bubble Territory‘. On the other hand if things don’t go so well there could be a slight decline similar 2018 with prices ranging from $20k – 26k (darkest blue).

Current Trading Value

At present however BTC is trading around the 30k mark showing only a slight decrease of 0.19% today but a significant increase of 17% over recent weeks. This year has been good to crypto so far with an impressive recovery rate of 80% since 2022’s challenging period.


The future may hold many surprises for Bitcoin enthusiasts but with careful analysis using tools like The Rainbow Chart we can start planning our investment strategies accordingly!

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