Ethereum Price Could Plummet 45%: Altcoin Market Weakness Sparks Fear

• Crypto analyst Benjamin Cowen warns of a potential collapse in Ethereum relative to Bitcoin due to market weakness.
• The ETH/BTC pair could experience a drop of over 45% from its current value, equivalent to $1,650.
• Factors such as waning investor confidence and SEC regulations may drive the ETH/BTC downward trend.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Could Plummet by Over 45%

Crypto analyst Benjamin Cowen is warning of a potential collapse in Ethereum (ETH) relative to Bitcoin (BTC), as altcoin markets appear to be weakening. In his recent strategy session, Cowen estimates that the ETH/BTC pair could experience a drop of over 45%, equivalent to $1,650 at its current value of 0.066 BTC.

Altcoin Markets Weakness

Altcoin markets have been struggling recently, with many cryptocurrencies observing lackluster performance when compared to Bitcoin. This market weakness has caused investors to shift their focus towards Bitcoin rather than Ethereum, leading to a decline in investor confidence in the latter currency. Additionally, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s decision to classify certain assets as “securities” has resulted in decreased prices for XRP and Cardano tokens as well.

Potential Recovery Rally

Cowen suggests that there might be a recovery rally on the horizon; however, he advises caution and emphasizes staying informed about the latest trends before making any investment decisions due to cryptocurrency’s highly volatile nature. It is uncertain when the ETH/BTC pair will reach its all-time high again; therefore investors must cautiously weigh their options before investing in altcoins during this period of market uncertainty.

Implications For Cryptocurrency Investors

The potential decline of Ethereum against Bitcoin would have significant implications for cryptocurrency investors if it were to happen: not only would it alter the value of investments already made but it could also hinder future investment decisions based on price fluctuations between different crypto pairs.


Given current market conditions surrounding altcoins such as Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies like XRP or Cardano, investors should remain diligent when considering new investments or trading strategies involving these coins so as not to suffer financial losses due to sudden price shifts or regulatory changes that can affect them adversely.

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